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Return To The Congo - National Community Church's Mission Trip To Congo For Christ

We are delighted to share thoughts from members of the National Community Church fourteen member mission team who recently returned from visiting Congo for Christ, Uvira, Congo:

When our team arrived, we were shocked by all the developments not only at the orphanage but also the church. The fence surrounding the property to protect against thieves and outsiders is up, the garden is packed full of nutritious veggies, the ringworm is gone from the orphans scalps and the church had a roof. What we witnessed, were prayers that we prayed less than a year ago completely answered. I love this community for so many reasons, one being they recklessly follow Jesus. Because they do, dreamers, world changers and prayer warriors have been birthed and are the future leaders of this place.

— Ashleigh, Team Member

Each prayer prayed, visit made, and dollar given has been seed planted in the CCC soil. The growth and difference noticed at CCC from last year was remarkable. The new fence allows the children to feel they have a safe space to roam and play and items are no longer being stolen from the grounds. The shamba (garden) is making good progress. We witnessed neat rows of spinach, kale, cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes and other vegetables. We helped the farmer and children plant onions. The children like to water the crops, plant new seeds, and collect the harvest.

A wonderful outcome from the fence and the shamba is the noticeable health and growth of many of the kids. They look healthier and have more energy.The older kids are growing into handsome men and women and are dedicated to their studies. They thirst for knowledge and were even encouraging the team to extend the English lessons. The children now have chores and duties. The girls help the mamas dry dishes, clean the meal room,and wash clothes. The boys help carry the food up the hill, facilitate hand washing before meals, and work on the farm. It is great to see the kids taking a personal stake in caring for their brothers and sisters and CCC.

Physically healthy, the kids are also being poured into spiritually by Sermon Omari and Pastor Songolo. Sermon is the choir master and teachest he kids many worship songs and dances in Swahili, French and English. The kids choir is a delight and the authentic worship that comes out of their unity and devotion is inspiring and life giving. Many of the kids look up to Pastor Songolo as a father figure and he works with them daily, teaching them the Word, and pastoring the children. It is clear that many of the kids have a growing relationship with the Lord and are eager to dive into their Swahili Bibles to read more.

During the week, the team conducted Vacation Bible School. The team brought vitamins, mattress covers for their beds, handmade dresses for the girls, donated shirts and shorts for the boys. The team had previously sent funds to purchase new sheets and blankets.

There were several worship services during the week including a leadership conference in which four team members preached a total of six times. Pastor Jeremiah was pleased to report that seven people gave their lives to Christ and were baptized at an early morning service in Lake Tanganyika.

It was incredibly encouraging to see so much growth and progress from one year to the next. Pastor Jeremiah has a dedicated staff and his eldest son, Daniel, works very hard to ensure that CCC is administered effectively and that finances are stewarded.

—Sarah, Team Co-leader

We praise God for these wonderful reports and pictures from the team members. The relationship between Pastor Jeremiah, the orphans and staff members deepens each year as NCC team members make the long journey to Congo. While you may not be able to travel physically to Congo, your prayers and giving are just as essential to CCC.

Learn more about the Global Outreach ministries in the Congo:

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To see more pictures of this missions trip please download our August 2013 newsletter:

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