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Your Gifts Have Brought Much Joy To 58 Orphans In The Congo

It is with great joy, celebration and thanksgiving that we are able to share with you the improvements that your generous giving have made possible for our orphans in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Many of you recall the miraculous provision that made it possible for 58 children to move into the Congo for Christ orphanage in January 2012. During that same year, your gifts enabled Global Outreach to provide more than $70,000 for the work in Congo! These funds include the costs for food, education, shelter, medical care, salaries for the cooks and care providers for the children, new church planting, Bible school training, support of pastors, along with other operating expenses. Providing these monthly expenses stretches our resources to the point that it is difficult to cover any extras. However, because of your generosity we are happy to share pictures that show some of the “extras” that your offerings have made possible.

I am confident that as you look at these pictures you will be struck by the smiles and joy exhibited by these precious children. They are so excited to receive a new cup or sheets to sleep on,things that we take for granted. Thank you for helping bring a little joy and comfort into these young lives. Please remember that 100% of every gift goes directly as designated for Congo for Christor any of the other ministries supported by Global Outreach.

Garden: Pastor Jeremiah shares "this project has been of great blessing to the kids at the center because we have really witnessed how the health of the children has really improved because they can feed on some vegetables from the farm."

Fencing: In Pastor Jeremiah’s words: "we really thank God so much because of the wire fencing of the has really enhanced the security for our plants and our children, because the people and animals from the outside are no longer passing through our compound."

Sleeping: New sheets and blankets have been purchased to replace the old sheets that are completely worn out. New mattress covers are on the way with the mission team.

Kitchen: New plates, plastic cups and serving pans bring smiles to the children’s faces.

Food: We were able to increase the food budget from $1 to $1.20 per day per child resulting in porridge for breakfast three times a week and more rice and beans.

Meal time: Tables and benches are being built and will be ready soon. Children will no longer have to sit on the floor to eat their meals.

Clothing: The mission team from National Community Church, Washington DC, will be taking two sets of clothing for each child. The children recently received new shoes to protect precious bare feet.

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