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"Feed My People" Ministry In India Rescues Girls From Brothels

Since 2007 the Pastors of Feed My People in India have been actively involved in rescuing teen girls from brothels. The girls then move into the large multipurpose building in Tenali where they have the opportunity to attend a two year medical training program. Many of them also choose to attend the Bible School located at the same location. A smaller number of teen boys who were headed in the wrong direc-tion, have also been brought to Tenali by village pastors. During our last visit we were so impressed with these young people who have taken advantage of the opportunitiy to turn their lives around. At the time we visited, all of the 84 teens had committed their lives to Christ.

May 1st was graduation day for 40 of the teens from the medical school and Bible school. Reverend Thomas and his wife, Mary Grace, are trying to secure em-ployment for these new graduates. Past graduates are now working as midwives, medical assistants in doctors offices and similar jobs. Some of these young girls would love to continue their training to become nurses if scholarships were made available. A degree in General Nursing takes three years of additional study at a cost of $400 per year.

I asked Reverend Thomas to ask some of the girls who are now in the second year of training to answer some questions. Below is a composite of answers from several of the teen girls, to include Kanyaka, Usha, Monica, Anusha, Manisha, Naga-mani, Sandhya, Pavani, Komali, Jaya, and Divya.

How has your life changed since coming to Feed My People?

They said their lives were changed miraculously by Jesus Christ. They turned from their sins and were baptized. Now they feel they are somebody and have a good reputation in society which they did not have before. Now they are useful to people and to God.

What would you like to study when you complete your medical training?

They want to study General Nursing if they can find sponsors and also do ministry for God among youth.

What are your hopes and plans for the future?

We want to rescue more girls from brothel houses and also spend time with the children at the orphanage.

Eleven of the orphans living at Feed My People graduated from high school this year. Reverend Thomas said they are now enjoying the school holidays and then they will help them transition to the next phase of their lives. Many of the orphans continue their studies after high school through apprenticeship programs that will provide them with a skill that will offer employment and a means to earn a living.

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