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Regulagunta Orphanage Welcomes A New Family Member

We recently received email from Reverend Thomas in India which began “We named her Mary” He then proceeded to share her story, or as much of it as he knows.

Earlier this year Thomas’s son, Thomas Jr., went into one of the tribal areas with Pastor Paul, a rural pastor with Feed My People, to distribute rice to those in need. They found a little five year old girl living in the mountainous wilderness area of Regulagunta. Since she was sick, Pastor Paul brought her to the Regulagunta orphanage he and his wife run as a part of the local church. They learned that her father had died after being bitten by a cobra. Her mother then married another man and moved to another village abandoning little Lakshmi, named for one of the wives of a Hindu god, to survive on her own. During the day she would beg for food, and at night she would sleep in a chicken coop. After Pastor Paul brought her to the orphanage and church, he and Thomas Jr. prayed for her. God miraculously healed her that same night. The next day she gave a testimony of Jesus’ healing power during the church service. Now she has a new life in Christ, a new name, and the opportunity to be raised in a loving, Christian home. Her mother abandoned her, but God never will!

Your faithful giving makes the rescue of so many orphans like Lakshmi, (now Mary,) possible. Thank you!

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