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Reverend Thomas of 'Feed My People' Reports On Church Persecution In India

Reverend Thomas recently shared an incident that involved one of the Feed My People pastors supported by Global Outreach. On December 25, 2012, Pastor Christudoss had hung banners advertising the Christmas program to be held at the church. A group of men who oppose Christianity pulled down the banners and then burned them in the street. Pastor Christudoss asked them why they had burned the banners and the group then turned to further violence. They destroyed the roof of the church and then moved on to the pastor’s home which is located nearby. The gang beat the pastor, his wife, and son and daughter so severely they required hospitalization and treatment for their wounds. When Reverend Thomas and his wife, Mary Grace, tried to visit the church and pastor’s home, they were denied access into the village.

We are thankful to report that since that time they have repaired the church and Pastor Christudoss and his family have recovered. Feed My People was able to provide some blankets and help for some elderly and poor people of the church congregation who were also victims of the violence.

Please join us in prayer for the protection of Pastor Christudoss, his family, and church members . We pray that God would use what was intended for evil to further spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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