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Reverend Thomas of 'Feed My People' Reports On New Believers In India

It is always a joy to receive reports of new believers in Christ. Reverend Thomas of Feed My People, Tenali, India shared the following story.

Mrs. R* was a married woman who came to accept Christ through the ministry of Feed My People about ten years ago. Her husband was orthodox Hindu and very opposed to Christianity. When she became a Christian he did everything he could to oppose her new belief in Christ. He prevented her from attending church and would not give her money to buy food and maintain the household. He beat her and treated her cruelly. He would bring food home for the three children but not allow his wife to eat it. Her parents urged her to leave him, but instead she continued to pray for his salvation. One day he poured kerosene on her and set her on fire. She would have died but neighbors saved her life. Still, she remained with her husband and continued to intercede for him. Just a few months ago as Reverend Thomas was talking with him, God spoke to his heart and convicted him. He confessed his sins and accepted Christ as his personal savior. He attended the fasting and prayer meetings held during the month of December at the Feed My People Church in Tenali and subsequently was baptized in water along with his daughter. What an amazing answer to the faithful prayers of Mrs. R. Please join us in praying for this family so they will continue to grow in their Christian walk.

*name not used to protect privacy

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