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Good News About Noe From The Congo For Christ Orphanage

Many of you have been faithfully praying for Noe as he continues in physical therapy after surgery to correct the effects of polio on his hips and legs. Today I received a new report from Asumani, one of Pastor Jeremiah’s sons:

Praise the Lord, Mama Renee. When I was in Congo they were taking Noe to physical therapy and Salehe (a caregiver) was also helping him walk around the CCC compound using his new crutches. There has been much improvement since he went under surgery because he can go to and from the school alone without the help of anyone. He walks alone to every corner of CCC without being carried by anyone. This shows now he is strong compared to the past where he couldn’t climb the hills.

Please continue to pray for Noe as he grows stronger day by day. He is such a remarkable young man and everyone who meets him falls in love with him. We pray that one day he will walk without crutches. Noe has a big smile and a big heart and loves the Lord. Noe, we are rejoicing with you!

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