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Building Together - Construction Updates From Around The World

Thanks be to God for the numerous churches, orphanages, Bible schools, homes for widows, pastors, and needy church members that God has provided through your gifts to Global Outreach since 1986. These have ranged from a thatched roof hut to the three story 15,000 square foot orphanage and school in Tenali, India. The construction expenses are always funded in addition to the ongoing monthly support we supply to hundreds of orphans and pastors in India, Congo and Thailand. We would like to share some current needs of building projects for ministries we partner with in India, Congo and the Philippines.


Pentapudu church and orphanage has been forced out of the home they were renting and are now living and using a church building still under construction. Reverend Thomas has reported the costs to complete the first floor of the building will total $1448. When they are able to complete the second floor at an additional cost of $3905 they are planning to house several elderly widows and care for them along with the orphans.


The members of Congo for Christ Church have worked diligently for over one year to build a church on land donated by Pastor Jeremiah. The mission teams that visited this summer joined in worship at the church even though a large portion of the roof was missing as well as an unfinished floor, doors, windows, and parts of the walls. A gift of $650 for bricks and $1,050 for doors and windows would bless this precious congregation so much as the rainy season is now upon them. We also need $1995 to complete a home for Pastor Jeremiah and his family that has been under construction since January.


Jan and Don Slaton are making progress in the preparations for opening a new orphan-age in the Philippines. (See May 2012 newsletter -!Return-To-The-Phillipines/c1n7z/F79E8055-5A61-4F49-B427-12A13B86A949) They have sold their home, and are now fundraising with plans to move to the Philippines shortly after the first of the year. Your gift of any amount designated for Horizon of Hope Village will be a tremendous help to this new ministry initiative.

To see more pictures of the Global Outreach sponsored construction projects around the world please download our November 2012 newsletter:

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