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Medical Update On Congo For Christ Orphan Noe

In the July newsletter, we requested prayer for Noe (!Prayer-Needs---July-2012/c1n7z/F1875A21-2B81-4E86-A3C9-284CB376277F )as he would be undergoing surgery on his hips. In August we featured a picture of Noe and shared more about the remarkable faith and attitude of this amazing young boy (!Global-Outreach-Medical-Missions-Team-Found-Champions-In-The-Congo/c1n7z/B4CA4989-3305-4716-83E5-149A95770E28 ). We just received these pictures from Pastor Jeremiah which show Noe having his casts removed and a big smile from Noe as he stands by his bed. Noe will now begin physical therapy to strengthen his legs. Please continue to pray for him and ask God to continue the healing and allow him to walk. We know with God, all things are possible!

For more pictures of Noe please download our October 2012 newsletter: Learn more about Global Outreach ministries in the Congo:!congo/cf6u Will you consider a donation to support Global Outreach ministries providing Christian care and relief around the world?!donate/c1ghi

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