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Love In Action

Many of the members from the 2011 and 2012 National Community Church mission teams to Congo competed in a Tough Mudder Race recently held in Frederick, Maryland. This is a grueling, ten mile event that includes numerous tough obstacles, including an ice bath, mud pits, and many other extreme tests of endurance and strength. What would motivate such intelligent, young professional men and women to willingly put themselves through such pain? They would all answer this question the same All of them have had their hearts captured by the pre-cious orphans at Congo for Christ.

Last month’s newsletter shared the need for school supplies, uniforms, shoes, and tuition expenses for the 58 orphans at Congo for Christ in Uvira, Congo (DRC). When the team members learned of this urgent need, they committed their “Tough Mudder” fundraising efforts to meet the goal of $7,500 to provide the $4,176 in school tuition charges and $3,322 for uniforms and supplies. They not only met, but exceeded their goal, raising a little extra for these precious children. I believe every member of the team would say their scars and bruises were well worth it.

I would like to share a few comments from some of the team members:

"Our team is fully invested and committed to Congo for Christ.... Our partners and friends see the potential of the children to be future leaders of Congo and to bring light and hope to Congo themselves." "The children of the Congo for Christ orphan-age are some of the sweetest, most well-behaved, loving children I’ve ever encountered."

This very difficult race was truly a labor of love for all who participated. The money they raised will ensure all of the orphans will be able to attend school and have the supplies they need for the year. We praise God for using NCC to meet this urgent need. Please remember that every month we must send $3,200 to Congo for Christ to provide for the needs of the children and Bible college students. Every gift makes a difference. God bless you for your faithful and generous gifts to Global Outreach.

To see more pictures from the Tough Mudder please download our September 2012 newsletter:

Learn more about Global Outreach ministries in the Congo:

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