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Global Outreach Medical Missions Team Found Champions In The Congo

The eyes of the world are focused on the Olympians in London, but members of the July Global Outreach medical mission team met some mighty champions at Congo for Christ in Uvira, Congo. 58 orphans who are cared for through funding provided each month by your gifts to Global Outreach left each of the six team members amazed and touched by the champion spirit they display. As we spent time with these children, we were constantly amazed by their energy, joy, hope, and outlook on life. Their difficult circumstances does not diminish their love for each other, for us, and most importantly for God.

We arrived loaded with everything we could possibly cram into our suitcases and I think the team enjoyed giving these gifts as much as the children enjoyed receiving them. One small item we purchased at a dollar store seemed to symbolize the spirit of these children. We told them they are all champions and winners and gave them a small plastic "gold medal" to wear on a ribbon around their neck. The rest of the time we were there we saw them proudly wearing their medals.

While all the children are champions, one boy received the first medal and cheers of all the children and team members alike. July’s newsletter included a prayer request for Noe, a twelve year old boy who would undergo surgery to help correct the affects of polio on his hips and legs. When we arrived on July 16th, Noe had just returned from Goma and was in a body cast from his chest down. While his body is healing, he can only move his arms and head. He lays on a bed and waits for someone to attend to all of his needs. As soon as we could break away from the large group of orphans welcoming us, we went to see Noe, not knowing what to expect. Instead of a boy filled with self pity or despair, we found a champion! Noe has the best attitude you can imagine. At any sign of attention he breaks into a smile that lights up your heart and the entire room. He’s always ready for a high-five, or a hug, or just a smile. He spends much of his time reading a Swahili Bible brought by the NCC team in June. The other children all love him and are eager to spend time with him as well. Other boys take turns eating with him so he won’t have to be alone. Please continue to pray for Noe as he will return to the hospital in Goma on August 6th to have his cast removed. Please pray that through whatever medical treatments remain, Noe will continue to recover and that one day he will walk. Noe is anxious to play soccer! Noe is a very bright and intelligent young boy, and we know God has great plans for him.

Pastor Jeremiah has such a big vision for these children as well as the city of Uvira, and the country of Congo. He believes these orphans are being raised to love God and serve as future leaders to bring about positive change in Uvira. He shared with us a deep desire to help bring about this vision. He wants to open a school so the children can be taught in an excellent manner and in such a way they will be equipped to be these leaders. He is concerned because the quality of education is so poor in the public schools. He also has a burden to see that the children are taught the word of God. Earlier this year, the legal approval was received to open a school at Congo for Christ. Pastor Jeremiah is believing God that “Mango Tree School” can open in September when the new school year begins. To launch this school, a structure must be built to meet government requirements. This can be a very humble shelter with a tin roof, and open walls at an estimated cost of $7,473. There are many other requirements, but the shelter is the most urgent need to begin the school. We are asking God to provide financial donations to help Pastor Jeremiah realize his dream of opening Mango Tree School this fall. After all, he is training champions for Christ in Congo! We urgently need your help to make this a reality. Thank you for every gift you give to these precious children.

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