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Small Items Make A Big Impact For Orphans

On our recent visit to India we were able to see firsthand just how important our continued support is to the nearly three hundred orphans in the thirteen Feed My People orphanages. Global Outreach began supporting these precious orphans when there were only about twelve children in one orphanage. In those days it was relatively easy to supply all of the items needed throughout the year for the children. New school uniforms and other clothing twice a year, as well as a new blanket, school supplies and a new book bag for each child could be purchased for a nominal amount of money. As the number of children and the number of orphanages has expanded, it has become increasingly challenging to meet all of these needs each year. One such item is the book bags the children use to carry their supplies to and from school. We have not been able to buy new book bags for a few years now. When we visited the village orphanages we saw that many of the children’s bags were ragged and barely even holding together. A sturdy new bag only costs $5, however we need 240 of them at a total cost of $1,200. Each summer as the children prepare to return to school in June, work-books, tablets and other school supplies are also a necessary expense. Every child needs about $4 for school supplies, another $960. required expense for all of the orphans. We also witnessed the need to purchase additional buckets and cups for the children and teens to use. These buckets are used for them to bathe and shower, as well as to wash their clothes. At the present time, many children have to share one bucket. One bucket and cup costs $6. and will last for many years. Please consider an extra gift of $15 or more to provide these basic necessities for our orphans. Every orphan knows Global Outreach partners love them and are providing for their needs every month.

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