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Prayer Needs - June 2012


  • 10 orphans have sponsors, 48 still need sponsors. Your gift of $35 a month will provide care and food for one of these precious children.

  • Meredith Thompson (April, 2012 newsletter -!Plant-in-Congo/c1n7z/39CFB4BA-054A-4F5D-B872-54E2E8373481) has now arrived at Congo for Christ. In Meredith’s words “I am here, loving it and feeling great! I met the kids today, they are wonderful.” Please pray for Meredith’s protection and provision of her needs.

  • Pastor Chris Jarrell (National Community Church,Washington DC) is leading a 19 member mission team to Congo for Christ (June 8-25) to minister to the orphans. Pray for God’s favor and blessings uponthe entire team.


  • Jan Slaton (May, 2012 newsletter -!Return-To-The-Phillipines/c1n7z/F79E8055-5A61-4F49-B427-12A13B86A949) will travel to Manila June 8-18 to complete the legal requirements of establishing Horizon of Hope Village.

  • Bill Akers, a building contractor, and his wife Fayewill also be going and will work on the preliminary plans for construction of the first children’s home.

  • Please pray for Jan and Don Slaton as they are working to sell their home and make the move to the Philippines.

  • Please pray for our fundraising efforts to be blessed so we can begin construction without delay.


  • Pray for support for Samoeng Girls Home.

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