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Pavani Receives A Scholarship To Help With Medical Training

Pavani was born and raised in the village of Kuchipudi. Shortly after she was born, her father had an accident which resulted in him losing his mental faculties. He wandered from place to place and could not remember anything about his life. Pavani’s mother married another man.

Her new stepfather did not care about her and did not want the responsibility and expense of raising her. He and her mother left the village one night and left Pavani on her own. After she was unable to locate her mother, she was declared an orphan and Pastor P. Lazar accepted her into the Kuchipudi village orphanage supported by Global Outreach. She stayed there until she completed 8th grade, then Reverend Thomas brought her to the Tenali orphanage so shecould attend high school.

Pavani graduated high school in 2011 and is currently attending the medical school at the Tenali orphanage. She will have one more year to complete her program of study, then will be prepared to earn a living and support herself. A scholarship to pay for the second year of her medical training is $150. Your support makes it possible for Pavani and many other young girls like her to be rescued, nurtured and raised in a loving Christian environment. Through your giving, you are personally ensuring that these precious souls will be taught the skills they need to secure a future filled with hope and possibilities they would otherwise never know.

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