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Urgent Need for Rescued Girls in India

During our recent visit to India we had the privilege of visiting the medical college supported by Global Outreach. Most of the students are teen girls who have been rescued from brothels in villages where Feed My People has churches. The medical college was started in 2007 as Feed My People pastors starting rescuing girls and looking for a way to train them for productive lives and restore their self worth and dignity. Reverend Thomas recently received notification from the government of a tax that was supposed to have been billed to the school on an annual basis. A total of $5,200 is now due and must be paid before the end of June or a 60% penalty will be applied. In the future the tax will be much lower as it will be billed annually.

Having met these girls and seeing firsthand how important this school is to them, I feel we must do everything we can to help them keep the school open. If you wish to help with this urgent need, please designate your gifts for India teens.

On a another note, Reverend Thomas just sent a notice of the results from this years final examinations. Abinaya, a former Hindu orphan girl who was brought to the college by one of the pastors, was recognized as the student with the highest score throughout the state of Andra Pradesh. More importantly, Abinaya has given her heart to Christ since coming to the college.

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