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Plant in Congo

We have been praying that God will provide additional support for Congo for Christ. Isn’t it wonderful when God answers our prayers in an unexpected way? Recently Global Outreach received a letter from a young woman in the Washington DC area expressing her desire to move to Congo and work with Pastor Jeremiah and the leaders of Congo for Christ to assist them with economic development. Meredith Thompson is graduating in May with a master’s degree in Applied Economics with a concentration in International Development. She is planning to arrive in Congo at the end of May to begin her initial six month term of service. Meredith explained that she has been attending a group at National Community Church that meets weekly to pray for and learn more about the needs and people of Congo. During one of the meetings they showed an interview with Pastor Jeremiah conducted while the NCC team was on the mission trip to Congo last June (see July, 2011 news-letter on our website: Meredith felt God calling her to work with Pastor Jeremiah as she watched him share his heart for his people and the needs of Congo. One of the most compelling phrases in the interview is when Pastor Jeremiah states:

"Take these stories back to our broth-ers and sisters in the United States and whatever God places on your heart, plant in Congo. There is still good soil in Congo."

Dear, faithful partners, you may never have the opportunity to physically go to Congo and meet our precious brothers and sisters in Christ, but you can help “plant in Congo” through your prayers and financial support. 58 precious orphans in Congo are depending on Global Outreach partners to provide funds for all of their needs every month: food, clothing, shelter, school, security, and care providers. This amounts to more than $3,000 per month just for the Congo orphan expenses alone. Your gifts will continue to provide for the needs of the orphans and also invest in economic development so the ministry of Congo for Christ can continue to expand and impact more people for Christ. On the news and social media we see and hear so much about the violence and desperate situations in Congo. We believe with Pas-tor Jeremiah, there is “good soil in Congo.” Will you plant with us?

To see more pictures please download our April 2012 newsletter:

Learn more about Global Outreach ministries in the Congo:

Will you consider sponsorship of an orphan at the Congo For Christ orphanage?!sponsor-an-orphan/c6jz

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