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Merry Christmas! Global Outreach 2011 End Update

We praise God for another wonderful year of ministry with our partners around the globe. Please rejoice with us as we review some of this year’s highlights made possible by your faithful giving.

Congo Hundreds of our partners donated much needed funds to purchase a potable water system for the Congo for Christ Center. The system has been continuously supplying the center since June. It has distribution points near the kitchen, dormitory, and Bible college teachers’ houses. The children can enjoy a cup of water with every meal and wash when they are dirty. Your generosity left an impression on the Mayor of Uvira, who attended the dedication ceremony. Congo for Christ Center wasnamed one of the top churches that have apositive impact on their community by theDRC government this year. Reverend Jeremiah said,

"The water to this community has spoken loud and been a blessing to them."

India Since 2007, Reverend Thomas and other pastors supported by Global Outreach have been actively involved in rescuing young women from lives of unspeakable pain and hardship as they have been forced into working in brothels in India. When girls are rescued and brought to the Feed My People headquarters they are given the opportunity to study at Tenali Medical Training School. When they complete the two-year course of study they graduate and arehelped to find a job in the medical field. Thisyear we are so thankful for the 106 girls that graduated and are now employed as nurses or midwives or in other healthcare positions. While they are in medical training they also receive Biblical training and most of them commit their lives to serving Christ. Your gifts make this continuing program a reality for so many young women in India.

The orphanage in Tenali is filled with the sounds of nearly 200 happy young children as they live, attend school, eventually learning a trade before leaving the orphanage. Every month Global Outreach sends money to purchase food for the children, and throughout the year sends funds for other needs such as new school uniforms and school supplies. In addition to the Tenali orphanage, we also support ten village orphanages with an additional 100 orphans. Global Outreach also supplies monthly support for over ninety pastors and their families serving in India.

Global Outreach Several leadership changes took place this year. In March, we paid tribute to the life of longtime General Director and Chairman Allan Eliason. Reverend Eliason ministered to thousands of Christian workers, orphans, and widows during his tenure, and was a friend to many Global Outreach partners. We were pleased to welcome Bill Reed as our new General Director and add Earle Shroyer and Pastor Chris Jarrell to our Board of Directors. Their donated time and services throughout the year, along with the entire board, have been a great blessing to our mission.

In the behind-the-scenes operations of Global Outreach, we have numerous email exchanges with Revered Jeremiah Rukukuye, Reverend Thomas, and other beneficiaries of your donations every month. They are continually expressing their gratitude for all of you and the ministry of Global Outreach. Your giving is not taken for granted by these faithful Christian workers. We also thank you for choosing to partner with Global Outreach in 2011. We know there are many ministries worthy of your money, prayers and concern and that you have deliberately chosen to trust Global Outreach with your resources. We are grateful for your support, as are the numerous individuals around the world who have been affected by your generosity.

Bill and Renee Reed Harle Eliason

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