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Team "Toughs It Out" For Congo Orphans

On Sunday, October 23, seven of the thirteen members of the 2011 Congo Mission team from National Community Church set out to run a 25 obstacle, 9 1/2 mile Tough Mudder course for the amazing orphans supported by Global Outreach in Uvira, Congo. The rest of the team came out on a brisk fall morning to support and cheer them on, all wearing shirts that said “Toughin’ it up for the Orphans in Eastern Congo”.

The Tough Mudder course was designed by British Special Forces to test all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie. Some of the obstacles included swimming in an ice bath, scaling multiple walls, running through fire, crawling through mud, and running through wires charged with up to 10,000 volts of electricity. All seven team members completed the course, including Global Outreach board member, Pastor Chris Jarrell. Chris said,

"Tough Mudder was the most intense and grueling physical and mental thing that I have ever done and it was all worth it knowing it was raising money for our kids in Congo. We finished very muddy, very sore, but we finished with our orphans in our heart and we finished knowing in our minds what these kids go through every day of their life."

Interested in organizing your own fundraiser with your church, Bible study group, friends, or family to support Global Outreach’s ministries? Let us know, and we will provide you with assistance. For an example or to donate to the NCC team effort please see

If getting shocked by live wires while running through mud isn’t for you, there are plenty of other ways to get involved. Your fundraiser page might accept donations as an alternative to birthday gifts or collect donations for a Scrabble tournament.

Please pray about this and see how God leads you to make a difference!

To see more pictures from the Tough Mudder please download our November 2011 newsletter:

Learn more about Global Outreach ministries in the Congo:!congo/cf6u If you would like to make a contribution to Global Outreach as we go in Christian love and compassion please see our donation page:!donate/c1ghi

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