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Sandya, Age 4, Joins The Feed My People Orphanage In Tenali, India

This beautiful young girl, Sandya Keerthana, age four, is our newest child to join the Feed My People orphanage in Tenali, India. She was born in the village of Salipet. After she was born, her father became paralyzed resulting in the loss of his employment. He was unable to earn enough money to support his family. In shame, he left the village to live as a beggar. When Sandya’s mother realized her husband could no longer support her, she took Sandya and left with another man. Her mother did not take care of Sandya, and the man with which she was living did not want to provide for her either. In fact, he took little Sandya away from the home and left her in the street to care for herself. An adult in the village found Sandya crying and living by herself on the street. An elderly woman who knew herstory brought her to Pastor Thomas and asked him to accept her into the orphanage and care forher.

Sandya is now enjoying being with the other children and attending school. Sandya will have the opportunity for a good life, with plenty of nutrious food, care, love, education and the promise of learning a trade. Most importantly she will learn of the love of Jesus for her.

Every month your donations go to provide food, shelter, education, clothing and other needs for all of the orphans in the eleven orphanages in India. These 290 children are blessed by your love and generosity.

Learn more about Global Outreach ministries in India:!india/ctg7 To donate to Global Outreach ministries rescuing young girls like Sandya and giving them a future please visit our donation page:

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