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The Rebuilding Of Pentapadu Orphanage

In the village of Pentapadu some 150 kilometers from Tenali, a small orphanage provides a home for ten children. Reverend Ezekiel serves as a local pastor for the village and the supervisor of the orphanage. He grew up as an orphan himself in the Tenali Feed My People orphanage. The Pentapadu orphan-age is one of eleven orphanages in the Feed My People network which Global Outreach supports monthly.

For seven years, the Pentapadu children were housed in a bamboo hut with a thatched roof. Last December the roof finally gave way after two months of heavy rains. Thankfully, no one was severely injured. Since then the children have been living in a rented building in the same village. The Lord recently made a way for these children to have a permanent home when a wealthy Hindu man was healed of chronic illness after receiving prayer. He converted to Christianity and made a large offering to begin construction of a concrete building in Pentapadu. Although construction of the walls were completed, work is currently stopped until additional funds are received to complete this vital project. Please join us in praying and believing that these or-phans will soon have a new home.

As a reminder, Global Outreach continues to provide funds each month to purchase food for the nearly 300 orphans and 100 teen girls in India. In addition we send monthly support to Pastors, widows and others in ministry. May God bless each of you, our faithful and generous partners.

To see more pictures of the Feed My People ministries in India please download our October 2011 newsletter: Learn about Global Outreach ministries in India:

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