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Reverend Thomas Looks To Expand Tenali, India Orphanage For A Second Time

In answer to the desperate need to provide housing for many new orphans caused by the devastating earthquake and tsunami in southeast India at the end of 2004, Global Outreach provided funds to build a beautiful new orphanage in Tenali, India. Many of you contributed to that project and rejoiced with us as the building was dedicated and 126 orphans moved into their new home in October 2006. The following year, Reverend Thomas was asked to accept another 52 tsunami orphans who had no place other than the streets to call home. Once again, your generous gifts allowed Global Outreach to contribute funds to build a second floor on the Tenali orphanage building. The addition of the second floor provided living space for nearly 200 orphans and their caregivers. The first floor was then used as a kitchen, dining hall, multipurpose room, and elementary school classroom space.

With the second floor in full use, Reverend Thomas once again responded to pleas for more help. This time it was for teen girls trapped into working in brothels as a means of survival. You have followed the stories of many of these girls over the past three years who have been rescued and brought to the Feed My People campus to learn of God’s love for them and receive medical training. With the addition of these girls, numbering from 85 to one hundred sixty four last year, the facilities are once again stretched beyond capacity. At the end of 2009 Global Outreach assisted with funds to begin construction of the third floor. The third floor is near completion, but Reverend Thomas needs our help to finish the construction and put the third floor into use.

To complete the third floor about $3,000 is needed. This will be used to purchase and install forty electric fans, finish the electrical wiring, lights, plumbing, and install railing around the balcony. The finished third floor will be used as a dormitory for all of the orphan girls and college girls. The boys will remain on the second floor where classrooms and labs for the medical training school will also be located. God has been faithful to provide the resources needed to make this project possible and we are confident He will supply the funds required to bring this current project to completion.

To see more pictures of the orphange please download our September 2011 newletter:

Learn more about Global Outreach ministries in India:!india/ctg7 To make a contribution to this orphanage expansion project please visit our donation page:

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