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Congo For Christ Orphans Prepare To Move Into Their New Dormitory

The dormitory is completed, the beds have been set up with clean, new sheets. Caregivers are ready to move with the children. The largest obstacle of providing water to the campus has been met. The orphans are excited to move into their new home. Unfortunately, governmental regulations are adding to the expense of opening the new orphanage. Each orphan is required to have a certificate from the Social Affairs office and authorization from the court. The orphanage must also be licensed to operate. The additional expense to open the orphanage with the initial 35 orphans will be $2,000. In addition, the new school term begins this week and we are required to pay school fees for all of the orphans to attend public school.

As the children and their caregivers move to the Congo for Christ campus the daily living expenses will also increase. Food is the main expense but the children will also need medical care, school supplies, clothing and personal care supplies. The cost to move one child into the dormitory, pay school fees for one term, and provide living expenses for the first month will be $100.

Thank you for all you have done in support of these precious orphans and dedicated caregivers. We deeply appreciate your prayerful consideration of these new requests. May God bless you as you share with these little ones.

To see more pictures of the Congo For Christ orphans please download our September 2011 newsletter: Learn more about Global Outreach ministries in the Congo:

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