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Reverend Wanchai Supawas Organizes A 5 Day Seminar To Train Church Leaders In Thailand

One of the greatest needs of the church in developing nations is training for leaders. Many times pastors in particular have to work secular jobs to provide for their families while spending long hours caring for their local church family. Many of these pastors and other church leaders have not had the opportunity to receive formal training at a seminary or Bible College. Global Outreach has long supported efforts to assist pastors in receiving this much needed training. Recently we were privileged to provide funding for Reverend Wanchai Supawas to organize and host a five day seminar to train church leaders in Thailand.

Classes were held during the day with a wide variety of topics such as spiritual growth, serving God, evangelism and church planting. The teachers were sea-soned and respected men of God who came to Samoeng to strengthen the younger church leaders. In the evening, revival services were held and attended by members of many churches in the area. The pastors and leaders who were blessed by this seminar send their thanks and appreciation to Global Outreach part-ners who made this possible. Global Outreach is committed to equipping servants of God to reach their communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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