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National Community Church Missions Team Dedicates Water Pipeline At Congo For Christ Campus

June 6-15, 2011 a mission team of thirteen members of National Community Church (NCC) in the Washington DC area made the long journey to visit Congo for Christ in Uvira, Democratic Republic of Congo. Pastor Jeremiah, the orphans, Bible college students, teachers, and church members were all thrilled to have the team visit. Team members stayed busy as they played with the orphans, taught classes, painted rooms, led small group sessions, and most importantly, got to know and love the precious people in Uvira. Pastor Chris was the guest speaker at four sessions of a youth conference attended by nearly 500 people. He also baptized several new converts and spoke at an outdoor evangelistic service held near the main road of Uvira. Praise God for eight souls who committed their lives to Christ during the course of the conference.

Another important event was the dedication of the new water pipeline that brings much needed water to the Congo for Christ campus. Three faucets provide a good supply of drinking water, as well as water for showers and toilets. Several government officials attended the dedication ceremony and spoke of their appreciation for all who made the water pipeline project a reality. This was an expensive and time consuming project, but praise God, it was all worthwhile and will now allow the orphans to move into the dormitory.

Each team member took an extra suitcase filled with such supplies as toys, books, first aid supplies, vitamins, Bibles, toothbrushes, toothpaste, craft and office supplies, eyeglasses and even used computers. While these gifts are such a blessing and help to the people in Congo, it is the friendships and love that were exchanged between the team members and our brothers and sisters in Uvira that will last. Pastor Jeremiah expressed his appreciation for the team’s visit:

I would like to thank you for your prayer and financial support to this youth conference, it was very wonderful, and the team blessed us so much, and we too blessed them. Surely and honestly we had a very very good times. People in Uvira loved the team so much. They met with the Mayor and the Administrator of Uvira. Even today I went to the Administrator’s office to thank him, he also was so happy for the team, especially how you supported the project of water.

Since their return, I have heard from so many team members of their love for the people and desire to continue to support the work of Congo for Christ. Team member, Mandy, shares the sentiment of the team as she expressed:

With our own Independence Day approaching on Monday, it makes me sit back and really appreciate what "true" independence is. Independence from war, from violence, from poverty, and most importantly independence from sin through Jesus - I'm reminded of how blessed I am (how blessed we all are) and am reconfirming my pledge to use my blessings to help continue the amazing work that God has put into motion in Uvira and in all of our lives.

We at Global Outreach want to thank all of our partners for the generous gifts that made possible the completion of this important water project. Now that we have a running water source to the compound, our orphans will soon be moving into their new home. With this move comes the added expense of the daily care and feeding of each orphan. Global Outreach estimates that it will cost an additional $35 a month per child. Again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all you do in support of these precious children.

To see more pictures from this missions trip and the new Congo For Christ campus water source please download our July 2011 newsletter: Learn more about Global Outreach ministries in the Congo:!congo/cf6u Will you consider sponsorship of an orphan in the Congo?!sponsor-an-orphan/c6jz

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