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Global Outreach Celebrates 25 Years Of Ministry

It was March, 1986, in obedience to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, that Harle Eliason filed the necessary documents to launch a new corporation, Global Outreach, Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona. From the very beginning the mission was to partner with local national Christian leaders in various nations around the world. Global Outreach would assist them with finances, material needs, teaching, training, and personal visits to encourage and equip them for ministry. Shortly after the inception of Global Outreach, Allan Eliason joined with Harle and they worked full-time together. Allan and Harle’s many years of pastoral and mission work provided the foundation on which to grow the new ministry.

The very first mission work began with mission ministry trips to Nogales, Mexico to work with a ministry known as “Templo Immanuel.” These trips were medical and food relief mission outreach endeavors. Several nurses, doctors, and other volunteers from the Phoenix area accompanied Allan and Harle to Nogales. Several other mission outreaches to various ministries in Mexico were also conducted.

Another important early outreach was to “Orfanatorio Bethel” in San Luis, Mexico. On the first trip to visit the orphanage the Eliasons discovered the refrigerators, freezers, and pantry shelves were bare. Pastor Bernardo had been praying for help, and thus began a partnership that involved more than 125 mission ministry trips to San Luis. It is estimated that over five hundred persons accompanied them on the mission trips. In addition to the work at the orphanage, the groups always went into the surrounding community and distributed food and clothing to the needy. The gospel of Jesus was shared as well as prayer for the needs of the people. Eventually a beautiful two-story church and Bible college was constructed on the orphanage property, largely through the work and donations of the Global Outreach partners.

Other early mission outreach work was in Haiti, Panama, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines.

In October, 1987 Global Outreach began to support the ministry of Dr. Gaddam Thomas in Andra Pradesh, India. He had a church congregation, a small orphanage and evangelistic outreach to Hindus. The monthly support that Global Outreach has provided to the present time has been their main support and allowed for the expansion of Feed My People to now include ten orphanages housing nearly three hundred children. The work also rescues teenaged girls from brothels and this year 164 are living at the dormitory and receiving spiritual and vocational training. Global Outreach also provides monthly support to enable 96 pastors to reach more than two hundred villages with the gospel message. This work in India also includes an elementary school for the orphans, a Bible college, medical vocational school, care for elderly and widows, and outreach to lepers and other needy individuals. As Dr. Thomas often reminds us,

"without Global Outreach, there would be no Feed My People."

The relationship between Global Outreach and Reverend Jeremiah Rukukuye dates back to 1996 when we assisted him in attending Bible college in Kenya. Recent newsletters have informed of the progress and growth of Congo for Christ headed by Reverend Jeremiah in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The compound which includes a dormitory for orphans and Bible college students, as well as teacher housing, a meeting space for Congo for Christ church and other outreach ministries, has been entirely funded by your gifts through Global Outreach.

While it is gratifying to look back and see some of the mission work that has been accomplished, there is still a great deal of work for us to do in the coming years. We especially want to express our appreciation to you, our partners, many of whom have been monthly supporters from the very beginning. We also thank God for each new partner that joins with us. Without your generosity this ministry would not be able to continue the support of these precious people who depend on our help.

To see many more pictures from Global Outreach's last 25 years please download our March 2011 newsletter:

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