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2010 India Ministry Update And Needs

What a wonderful and joyous time of year as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As in years past in the December newsletter we will share several photographs of projects funded and lives touched by your giving throughout the year. I hope you enjoy this connection with the ministries of Feed My People in India.

Global Outreach partners participate in all of the ministries shown in the pictures in the December 2010 newsletter through your generous, faithful giving.

Some of you are interested in knowing the individual costs for items that you might like to include as a Christmas gift this month.

Orphans (289 orphans)

  • $5.00 blanket

  • $1.00 food per day

  • $8.00 new uniform

  • $2.00 shoes

  • $10.00 school bag

Teens (164 teens)

  • $5.00 blanket

  • $1.50 food per day

  • $10.00 school uniform

  • $50.00 school fee per term

  • $30.00 textbooks per term

Pastors (96 supported by GO)

  • $30.00 monthly support

  • $20.00 blankets for family

  • $10.00 new sari for wife

  • $10.00 clothing for pastor

  • $100.00 bicycle

Widows (45 supported by GO)

  • $10.00 new sari

  • $5.00 blanket

  • $10.00 medicine/nutritional help


  • $1.00 Christmas dinner, each

  • $150.00 Sewing machine

Any amount to help complete third floor of building.

To see many more pictures of ministries in India please download our December 2010 newsletter:

Learn more about Global Outreach ministries in India:

To meet any of the financial needs above please visit our donation page:

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