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"Church Ladies Conference" In Uvira, DRC Held August 15-22

Spiritual blessings from above rained down on the participants of a “Church Ladies Conference” held August 15-22, 2010 in Uvira, Congo (DRC). A team of women from Nairobi, Kenya visited the ladies at Congo for Christ Missionary Church (CCMC) to minister, teach, and share with the women of Congo. As you may have heard in recent news reports, the nation of Congo is known as the “rape capital of the world.” During a short period this summer it was widely reported that more than 300 women and even children were gang-raped. That is the tragic reality of life in Congo, but thank God for this time of spiritual healing for the women who participated in the conference.

Government officials including the mayor of Uvira and a representative from the office of the “Ministry of the Right of Women in Congo” visited the conference and expressed their appreciation for the work of CCMC. Reverend Jeremiah explained that Mary Mahitela, the government delegate “was very excited and requested me to organize another similar conference which will be attended by most of the ladies of Uvira. She suggested the conference to have the theme of PEACE….”

Over fifty people accepted Jesus Christ as Savior during the week of conference. In addition to the 300 who attended the meetings on the Congo for Christ compound, the ministry included house to house evangelism and open air meetings in the city. The ministry team from Kenya paid their own travel expenses, but gifts from Global Outreach funded the conference expenses. Through your generous giving Global Outreach will continue to invest in the lives of these precious women and children who have suffered so much.

Mrs . Margaret Munai, was the team leader for the group of women from Kenya who ministered to the women in Congo. She is shown here in front of the dormitory funded by Global Outreach. She said that the team was fearful to visit Congo due to the news they were hearing, but was “so much excited with the warm welcome and love shown by the Congo church.” She also expressed her surprise at how much work has been accomplished since Reverend Jeremiah left Kenya to work in Congo. This testimony reminds us of how your support of this ministry is making such a significant impact upon the lives of our brothers and sisters in the Congo.

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