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Anil And Sunil Have A New Home At "Feed My People" Orphanage

These two adorable young boys are brothers who were born in the Khammam district of India which is located 250 kilometers from the Feed My People orphanage in Tenali. When these boys were still babies, their father died from HIV/AIDS. One year later their mother also passed away from the same disease. At that time their grandmother took them into her care and tried to provide for them. Although she was homeless, she did her best to care for them and fed them by begging in the street. After one year of caring for them she also died and these little boys were left alone with no family to watch over them and provide for them. Left on their own they had no choice but to beg for food and sleep anywhere they could find a spot, often alongside a street or in bad weather inside the village bus station.

One day Reverend Lazar, a Feed My People pastor, was doing some visitation and ministry in the village and found these little boys asleep in the bus station. After inquiring about them and learning their sad story, he called Reverend Thomas who gave him permission to bring the boys to join the orphanage in Tenali. Anil, the big brother, is five years old and the youngest brother, Sunil, is three years old. They now have a comfortable bed to sleep in, nutritious food to enjoy, a loving home, the opportunity to attend school, and also the opportunity to learn about their heavenly Father who loves them.

The 110 orphans living in the village orphanages and the 179 orphans in the Tenali orphanage depend on the monthly support sent by Global Outreach partners. Your gifts have allowed these orphanages to raise hundreds of children in the love of Christ over the past twenty plus years.

To see more pictures of Anil and Sunil please download our September 2010 newsletter: Learn more about Global Outreach ministries in India:!india/ctg7 To donate to ministries like Feed My People who are giving hope to orphans like Anil and Sunil every day please visit our donation page:

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