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Orphans Return To Orphanages To Serve Other Orphans

It has been twenty years since Global Outreach began sponsoring orphans in India. At the beginning of this partnership with Dr. G. Thomas and his ministry, originally called “Rural Evangelism of India” and now known as “Feed My People,” there were only a few orphans who lived with Reverend Thomas and his wife, Mary Grace. It is extremely gratifying to hear of these young orphans who have grown up under this care and are now adults continuing to serve the Lord.

Elisha is one of these young orphans. He was born into an “untouchable” family and his mother was a prostitute. When Elisha was three years old, his mother brought him to the village orphanage in Pentapadu and left him for them to raise. She never again returned to visit him. Reverend Thomas writes “since then, Mum Harle (Eliason) sponsored this child and helped in meeting every need of him.” He is now twenty years old. After completing high school, he moved to the orphanage in Tenali for Bible College and ministry training for two years. He returned to his home village and accepted the call to begin his ministry in the Hindu village of Paramala where Feed My People currently does not have a church. Elisha has been working in this village of primarily uneducated, poor, tribal people for the past year. He now has fifty people attending the prayer meetings he conducts in a barn during the day when the animals are not present. Reverend Thomas recently conducted a ministry con-vention in this village and about 500 people were in attendance. Many accepted Christ as their Savior and several were healed of illnesses. Reverend Thomas is requesting help from Global Outreach to purchase land and build a thatched roof prayer hall for Elisha to use in evangelizing this village. He would also appreciate a bicycle as he has to walk five miles each way from his home to minister in this village.

Suseela, was also an orphan who lived in the Feed My People orphanage for several years. She is now married, but has returned for the summer to share her artistic talent in teaching the younger orphans how to paint. She received training in art and tailoring while she was living at the orphanage.

Your donations made a new life possible for Elisha and Suseela. Hundreds of other orphans are now being raised in a similar manner to impact India for Christ.

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