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A Miracle For Congo For Christ Orphanage

In last month’s newsletter we shared about the funds needed to complete the dormitory and open it to the orphans who are ready and waiting for their new home. Since then, God has supplied those needs in a miraculous and amazing way.

Sunday, April 11th, we enjoyed an inspiring message in a series on “Miracles” at the Kingstowne location of our church, National Community Church, in Washington DC (one church with five locations at theaters throughout DC area) At the conclusion of the sermon, our local pastor, Chris, invited those forward who desired to pray for a miracle. I responded to the invitation, went forward and shared with Senior Pastor Mark Batterson, the amount needed to open the orphanage. After the prayer, Pastor Mark told the congregation that as he was praying he felt God impress upon him that they were supposed to be part of this miracle. In Pastor Mark’s words,

"I just felt it was wrong to ask God to do something for us that we had the power to do for ourselves. So we took an im-promptu offering at the end of the service. Our giving is going to translate into a miracle for those sixty kids waiting for a home."

To our amazement, that offering amounted to $5,500, but the miracle was not complete yet.

The following Sunday, Pastor Mark continued the miracles series with a sermon about Balaam’s donkey. At the conclusion of the message, he told the story about what had happened the previous Sunday at the Kingstowne location. Pastor Mark shared the idea that sometimes,

"the key to your miracle is being part of someone else’s miracle."

Someone in the congregation at one of the other locations listening to that story was moved to contribute the additional money needed to open the orphanage. (If you would like to hear the sermon, it is available as audio at: