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Preparation Continue For Congo For Christ Orphans To Move To Their New Dormitory

The dormitory building that was paid for by Global Outreach partners and dedicated to the Lord last fall is a busy place of ministry. Many of the students attending Revival Bible College are now living in the dormitory, even though presently they live without beds or other needed furnishings. Some of the rooms are now being used for Bible College classes. In addition, Congo for Christ Missionary Church recently lost the use of the rented building where they met, so the Church is currently holding services in the dormitory. Reverend Jeremiah sent pictures of the baptism of seven new believers and the celebration service they enjoyed on Sunday, March 21, 2010. We rejoice with them as the body of Christ in Congo continues to grow.

While we are thankful that the dormitory is being put to good use, we are pressing on with the necessary preparations to move our orphans into their new home during the summer break from school. Funds have been sent to build the bathroom and shower facility that will be shared by those who live on the compound. Construction is underway and we will share pictures as soon as it is completed.

I am happy to report that the bunk beds have also been paid for and are currently under construction. We have received funds to pay for eleven of the needed mattresses. The mattresses cost $45.00 each, so we still need $1755 for the remaining thirty nine beds. In addition, two sheets and a blanket for each bed will cost $12.00 for a total of $600.

Another remaining improvement that must be made is to the kitchen. Can you imagine trying to prepare food for your family using the primitive cooking facilities shown in the picture above? Plans are underway to “upgrade” the kitchen with a cooking area that will be sufficient to prepare meals for the 80-100 people who will be living on the campus. Additional cooking utensils, as well as plates, cups, and silverware will also need to be purchased.

I hope you can feel the enthusiasm these precious Christians have as the final preparations are completed for the orphans. They have come a long way from the day Global Outreach purchased this large plot of land for them. None of this would have been possible without your faithful giving. Please help us complete the final projects so we can meet the goal of moving the orphans in by this summer.

To see more pictures of the dormitory move preparation going on at Congo For Christ please download our April 2010 newsletter:

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