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Kumari's Life Has Been Changed

Kumari is a beautiful thirteen year old girl who is now enjoying a good life as an orphan being raised to love and serve God. She was born in the village of Chiaravuru in India. Her family were members of a lower class caste. After her mother and father passed away, she lived with her grandmother for a few years.

Life with her grandmother was difficult for Kumari and she was sent out to beg and obtain any work she was able to find. She ended up resorting to stealing and living as a thief to survive. She would get work for a few days in a house and then steal from the owners when they were away. Many times she was caught and eventually sent to jail.

One day when Reverend Thomas was visiting the police station to obtain the release of another man, he asked the station manager about Kumari. He told Thomas that she was a thief and explained about her past life. Reverend Thomas told the policeman that Jesus can change her life. He released her to Thomas who brought her to the Feed My People orphanage where she has lived for five years. When she completes high school she plans to enter training to become a nurse. Kumari sends her thanks to the Global Outreach partners for their support and love for her. Learn more about Global Outreach ministries rescuing young girls like Kumari and giving them hope:!india/ctg7

If you would like to made a contribution to help Global Outreach change the lives of more young girls like Kumari please visit our donation page:!donate/c1ghi

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