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Gifts For Chinese Christians

Global Outreach has had several opportunities to send your donations to help our Christian brothers and sisters in China. Last fall we had another such opportunity when Amy, a longtime friend and devoted Christian, went on a six week ministry trip to China. We sent money with her and asked her to distribute it to help those she met and felt led by the Holy Spirit to assist. The following is just one among several heart warming stories she shared with us.

“They never intended to start an orphanage” began the captivating story of a couple who we will refer to as the Chen’s. Due to the “one child per family” rule in China, many children are “dropped”—left by the side of the road or on the steps of a government building to die. This is especially prevalent with babies who are deemed undesirable due to mental or physical ailments. One day while on the way to school, the Chen’s son observed someone “drop” a baby on the side of the road. On his way home from school that afternoon he saw the baby was still there and told his parents. As Christians, their conscience wouldn’t allow for anything but giving their all to save this precious life. When they rescued the baby they realized that the child had severe lung, heart and other problems...not to mention a cleft-lip. Nightly they watched in anguish as the baby struggled for his life. With their meager re-sources they took the baby to a doctor. The Chen’s made the commitment to take on the huge responsibility of bringing this very ill child into their own family. They knew the nec-essary surgeries would cost more than they could ever, in a lifetime, afford. They began to pray and do everything within their power, even to the point of selling their possessions (even some of their food) to raise the money. Finally, God provided a doctor who, moved by the story, was willing to provide the much needed surgery. Amy related that she was blessed to see the child running, laughing, and learning about the love of Jesus for him.

Amy went on to relate that they currently care for nineteen handicapped children, and are praying for more to take in. Amy went on to say that what touched her the most was the LOVE of Christ that they displayed to these orphans who had nothing to give in return. She said Brother Chen would tell her with smiles and joy “Jesus had loved them so could they not love these children?” She said the Chen’s college aged son has made a commitment that he will not marry unless he finds a wife who is willing and want-ing to live the rest of her life working in this orphanage. Amy stated that the Chen’s were deeply moved by the gift, and expressed their love for the body of Christ (Global Outreach partners) that had blessed them.

To see more pictures from China please down load our March 2010 newsletter:

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