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Can You Buy Us Tents? Gospel Conventions In India Are Reaching The Lost

Reverend Thomas, founder of Feed My People Ministries in India, has requested our help in purchasing tents to be used for conventions. Each tent is 36 feet in length by 15 feet wide and with three of these tents they can accommodate up to 800 people sitting on the floor. Reverend Thomas sent the listing of twenty-five conventions scheduled through the end of June when the rainy season begins. He explained the importance of these conventions:

"Through these conventions we are able to win many souls from Hindu and Muslim background."

He also related that these meetings provide an opening to expand the ministry into new villages and districts. They see the sick healed, baptize those who accept Christ as Savior, provide training to young people and new Christians, and help their churches to gain new members. The tents they have been using for several years are worn out and need to be replaced. Thankfully the generator, lighting and sound equipment purchased several years ago by Global Outreach are still in useful condition.

Your gift this month could help purchase a tent for this important evangelistic outreach.

To see more pictures of the gospels conventions in India please download our March 2010 newsletter:

Learn more about Global Outreach ministries in India:!india/ctg7

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