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Make A House Of Refuge Orphanage Building Donation

Make A House Of Refuge Orphanage Building Donation

Pastor Cyrus has requested our help in funding the construction of a brick building which will also serve as a church for the orphanage and the surrounding community. When not in use for worship services, the building will be utilized as a multipurpose room for the children to study, eat and for other activities. At the present time, all 23 children are crowded into one small room for all of these activities. The girls sleep in one small bedroom and the boys will continue to sleep in the bamboo building.


We asked Pastor Cyrus to obtain an estimate of the cost of the new building and he checked with three different contractors to obtain the best price. For a total cost of $8,810, we can provide a permanent building thirty feet long by twenty feet wide with an additional five foot porch across the front. If we are not able to raise all the money needed, Cyrus indicated they can use the building without tiling the floor and reduce the cost by $1,500. Pastor Cyrus is always so appreciative of all the help we provide and we are grateful he has proven himself to be such a good and faithful steward of your donations. We have $3,000 towards this project but we need to raise the remaining $5,810 as quickly as possible so construction can begin.


Any donation to House of Refuge would makes a huge difference to the orphans who are living there.  Please consider a donation today to make a permanent building a reality for these orphans and vulnerable children!

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    • Myanmar
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    • Orphans
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