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Make A Donation To Myanmar Ministries

Make A Donation To Myanmar Ministries

House of Refuge is located outside the city of Yangon on a nice plot of land donated in 2013 to begin an orphanage. Pastor Cyrus holds weekly services at the house and invites neighbors to join with the children in worship. When we visited House of Refuge we were so impressed with the children as they sang, quoted scriptures, read a letter of thanks to Global Outreach donors, prayed, and listened to the Word of God.


Pastor Cyrus and his wife Rebecka, who have two young daughters, run the orphanage alone and currently care for 16 orphans at great personal sacrifice.  Pastor Cyrus struggles to support everyone on a small salary he receives as a Bible College teacher. Pastor Cyrus, his family, and all the orphans live in the same two room house.  One of the rooms is a recent addition built by Global Outreach.

Despite these challenges Pastor Cyrus has continued to help orphans in need and are now providing, food, care, and plenty of Christian love for 22 children.


Global Outreach's monthly support is critical to ensuring the needs of these orphans are met. Please pray for Pastor Cyrus, his family and these orphans as Myanmar is considered among the ten most violent states for Christians to live.  Please pray for Pastor Cyrus his co-ministers, and the people of Myanmar.


  • How We Serve in Myanmar

    • Evangelism
    • Orphan Care
    • Pastor Support
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