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Bringing Hope in Jesus' Name

Pastor *Samuel in Bangladesh shared the story of Hlamay and her husband who were spirit worshippers. They work in Jhum (slash and burn) cultivation to secure daily food for their three children. Due to the virus lockdown they were not allowed to work so they resorted to digging roots out of the jungle each day to eat. They said it was hard and they were afraid of the virus. One day the pastor and team arrived in their village and gave every family relief funds. They shared with the villagers about God’s love and blessings to His people. Hlamay said “After we received the funds we realized how much God loves us and gave us His blessings to buy food. Since then we know that God is real and His love is amazing. God saved us from our difficult time and He is our provider! Since then we accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal Savior.”

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