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House of Refuge

A few months ago we were privileged to visit House of Refuge in Yangon, Myanmar. As we shared in the October 2019 newsletter, they have welcomed several new children to the home and expanded their facilities. They are currently caring for nearly forty children. We were so happy to see the great progress Pastor Cyrus and Rebekah have made since our previous visit. It was a joy to be with these precious friends again and to see how well the children are doing. In addition to the children they are raising at House of Refuge, they continue to share the Gospel with their Buddhist neighbors.

Pastor Cyrus explained that without coming to live at House of Refuge most of the children would not be able to go to school. They would be forced to work at menial labor. One of the older girls has now passed University entrance requirements and two others are currently studying at a Bible College. In addition to receiving an education, all the children are being taught the Word of God. In the past year, thirteen of the older children have committed their lives to Christ and were baptized.

When asked about some of the challenges they face Cyrus shared the need for additional funding. The current budget is about $1,600 per month to provide the minimum that is needed to care for such a large family. Cyrus and Rebekah and the other two staff members do not receive a salary, but only a small stipend to cover their personal needs. Global Outreach is currently providing $600 per month but we would love to increase this to help ease the monthly financial burden they face. In addition, there is a great need for funds to purchase additional land so that poultry and other animals can be raised for food. Cyrus also requests our prayers for all of them as they have struggled with a lot of mosquito borne illnesses including malaria, dengue, and yellow fever. Screens on the windows would help to prevent illness.

We invite you to prayerfully consider becoming a House of Refuge monthly sponsor. Your gift of any amount would be a tremendous blessing to this critical ministry.

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