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Emergency in India

Flooding is often a problem in India and this year has been exceptionally bad in the state of Andra Pradesh. Reverend Thomas informed us that seven of the pastors' homes have been damaged or destroyed. Five of the prayer halls have been destroyed. Feed My People sent Pastor Jaya Rao and other young pastors to rescue members in danger. They were taken to government shelters until they can return to their homes. Most of the church members in the affected region have lost their homes, clothing, rice and household provisions. Some of the pastors also lost their bicycles. Some of the orphanages had water up to five feet high inside the homes. They were able to rescue the children and move them to safety but were unable to get their personal belongings, such as school books and clothing.

If you would like to help provide emergency assistance for our brothers and sisters in India, please designate your gift for “Flood Relief.” Thank you for your love, compassion and support.

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