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Water Tanks Needed at Mango Tree School

Recent difficulties with the water system at Congo for Christ underscores the need for water storage tanks for Mango Tree School. In December, the water system was down for a few weeks, resulting in the need to carry water by hand from a river. This was a great hardship for the orphans who live at Congo for Christ, but also made it difficult for the children attending school. With nearly 300 students, you can imagine how challenging this was. Quite frequently the water system breaks down during rainy spells or when the pipes are broken or damaged.

Two water tanks similar to this would provide emergency water for Mango Tree School students and the 1,000 or more children who regularly attend the weekly community feeding program at Congo for Christ. Pastor Jeremiah has requested our assistance in building these water tanks. The estimate of $3,874 will provide two tanks holding 2,000 liters each. Any contributions towards this project will be greatly appreciated.

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