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Blind, But Now She Sees!

A few months ago we introduced you to Pastor Samuel* and his ministry we are calling “Caring for Children”* in Bangladesh. Since we began supporting Pastor Samuel and two other pastors we have received many reports of precious people who had never heard the name of Jesus now accepting Christ as Savior. Please enjoy the picture and testimony we received from Kaya* as told to Pastor Samuel (unedited):

"My name is *Kaya. I am 12 years old. I am helping my parents at the Jhum cultivation. (slash-and-burn hillside farming) My parents are still alive. I have two brothers and two sisters. My parents are now Christians, but they were Buddhist before. My parents did not want to believe in Jesus. They used to hate pastors and Jesus. Once my mom lost her sight. Then my parents went to shaman for healing. The shaman told them, you have displeased the spirits that is why you have been cursed. You now have to give animal sacrifice. My parents took chicken to the shaman and gave sacrifice many times, but my mom still could not see. One day a pastor who was staying in our village brought some other preachers to our village. My mom thought if they pray for her, she might get her sight back. But my father was strongly against my mom’s decision and he warned my mom that if she goes to the preachers, he will divorce her. But my mom was so much desperate to get her sight back and determined to go to the preachers. So she went to the preachers and they prayed for her. I was with my mom. After they prayed, nothing happened to my mom. When she went back home, my father told her, I told you not to go to the preachers, the spirits will be angrier with us and we will also be blind like you. But after one week, my mom said, it seems I am getting my sight back little by little. After one month, my mom’s eyesight got much better than before. She could work and go anywhere by herself. Then my mom decided to become a Christian and to be baptized. My father is also a Christian now.

I also strongly believe in Jesus. I learnt so many things about Jesus after I go to Sunday School and attend the church. My Sunday School teacher loves me so much. I did not like to come to Sunday School and attend church before because I thought the Sunday School teacher will yell at me and other students will mistreat me. But everyone in this Sunday School is so good to me and our teacher loves me very much. We play every Sunday School and sing songs in the school. I love to play and sing a lot. I want to become a health worker in the future because people often get sick in my village and no one knows how to treat the sick."


Children learn about Jesus who loves them in Sunday School

Dear partners, your gifts help spread the Gospel message to children like Kaya who had never heard the name of Jesus. Pastor Samuel and his team rely on our support to help them share the love of Christ.

*names have been changed to protect identity.


Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc February 2018 Newsletter

Volume 33 Issue 03

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