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Light Shines Bright in Congo!

In the January newsletter, we shared the need for solar power for Congo for Christ Center (CCC). Often we are surprised by God, and this was one of those moments. Shortly after the newsletter went out, we received an email from a generous donor offering to pay the entire amount! CCC acted quickly and by the end of February the entire campus has been outfitted with solar power equipment. Just imagine what a blessing this is to the orphans, the staff, Mango Tree School and the Bible School! Pastor Jeremiah reports that the solar equipment is working well and even on a cloudy day, they are still able to have light at night. They can also run computers, musical instruments and sound equipment for the community feeding program and worship services held each weekend. We rejoice with our Congo friends over this huge quality of life improvement!

New solar power means no more stumbling around in the darkness at night...what a blessing!

In addition to the need for electricity, we became aware of much needed improvements in the children’s dormitory rooms. The children have been living in these rooms for six years and renovations are desperately needed. We shared the need for new sheets and pillows and thankfully, they have been purchased. When we saw the state of the rooms and also heard they have bed bugs, we asked them to not use the new sheets and pillows until we are able to get the rooms cleaned and painted. They agreed this would be the best plan and we are happy to say the work has already begun. Many of the windows also need replacing. Any gifts for this renovation project will be greatly appreciated.

In addition to the solar light, we are also excited to tell you the light of Christ is shining brightly through the weekly community feeding program. A worship service is followed by lunch for the children and most weeks over 1,300 children are attending. In 2017 nearly 28,000 meals were served and 624 children accepted Jesus as their Savior! In addition, the monthly ministry to the teenagers in the area is having a positive impact. Daniel sent this note of thanks (unedited):

"In conclusion, we would like to thank our entire donors for the support they are providing for the community kids. It’s not all about feeding these kids but we see a brighter future in them and a brighter country full of responsible leaders who spearhead the gospel of Jesus to all places in our nation. All the effort you are making is not in vain but it is building a torn nation and it will bear fruits one day."


Children's dormitory rooms need painting and renovations.


Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc February 2018 Newsletter

Volume 33 Issue 03

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