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Reaching Teens in D.R. Congo

The Community Feeding Program to reach community children in Uvira, D.R. Congo continues to grow. The latest lunch was on August 23, 2017 with 1,323 children in attendance. Of those, twenty children prayed to accept Christ as Savior. We continue to receive re-ports of how the positive influence of this program to the children impacts the entire community.

The tremendous success of the children’s program inspired Pastor Jeremiah to do something to reach the teenagers in the community. The area surrounding Congo for Christ Center (CCC) is one of the poorest areas of Uvira and is lacking any programs to help the teens. Teenage pregnancy, alcohol abuse, delinquency, and other troubling behaviors are big problems. In an effort to meet this need, Global Outreach started sending funds in July so CCC could launch a program to target at risk teens. They have now had two successful meetings. This ministry is structured to teach the teens and meet their specific needs. They began by sending invitation letters and sixty teenagers turned up for the first seminar. They spent the time getting to know each other and learning about the challenges facing these young people. In the second meeting seventy teens attended. One of the staff members of CCC, Bokechi Mzuri, shared a message from 2 Timothy 2:22 with them. The teens were given time to ask as many questions as they wanted, and responded well to the interest shown to them. They were served lunch after each meeting and as a special incentive to attract the teens, they also gave them a bottle of soda.

Daniel shared his thoughts on the new teen program:

"It was very touching to listen from different kids sharing about the challenges they are going through in their lives but they said that they thank God for the program that the CCC ministry has introduced to give them some basic advice to help them in their lives. They have a lot of expectations and hope to get the best from these trainings that they will be receiving from the CCC ministry and they promised that they will not be keeping it for themselves but will be sharing with their friends who will not have the chance to attend the trainings. God bless you so much for supporting this program and for loving our dear nation and for bringing hope for the hopeless in our community and nation."

As always in starting new programs like this, there are challenges to meet and to keep the program growing. One of the first needs they shared is to provide notebooks and pens so the young people can record what they are being taught. They said many of them do not have access to these very basic supplies at home. We assured them we will send funds to help with this and other needs so this vital program can be continued. If you would like to con-tribute to this life changing ministry, please designate your gift for Congo Teens. By changing young lives we are changing a nation!

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Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc September 2017 Newsletter

Volume 32 Issue 9

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