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Evangelism in Vietnam

Pastor Daniel*, our contact in Vietnam, has shared an update about the evangelistic outreach and other ministries he leads. He reports that during the past year he has been able to preach and share the Gospel in revivals and meetings in underground churches and house churches. The government, in an unusual manner, allowed him to speak to a gathering of over 1,500 people in an auditorium at a hotel. Thank God for 821 people who accepted Jesus as Savior on that night.

It is thrilling to know so many are accepting Christ in Vietnam. We are thankful to be able to help support them and pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ. Your gifts for Vietnam help provide food for orphans, care for lepers, Bibles for Christians, support for Pastors, and evangelistic outreach. Every size gift can make a huge difference. One Vietnamese Bible for example costs only $4.00.

* Names of individuals and ministries in Vietnam are always changed in our online and printed media in order to help protect from ongoing persecution.

Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc March 2017 Newsletter

Volume 32 Issue 3

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