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Vocational Training For Orphans In Thailand

For many years Global Outreach has supported a Samoeng Girls Home in northern Thailand. Wanchai Supawas and his wife, Pensri, take in girls who are at risk or engaged in very self demeaning and destructive lifestyles. Wanchai and Pensri invest so much time, energy and resources in teaching these young girls how to become productive, responsible adults. They also make sure the girls are grounded in Biblical teaching before they leave the home. Most of the girls accept Christ as Savior while living at Samoeng Girls Home. We have had the privilege of personally visiting several times and we are always impressed with the great work they are doing to help these girls turn their lives around.

Recently we sent funds for them to purchase a sewing machine. As soon as​​ they received the sewing machine, Pensri went right to work teaching the girls the necessary skills to be able to sew. The girls are loving the opportunity to learn a new skill and look forward to being able to sell some of the items they are learning to sew. ​​

Most of the girls who live at Samoeng Girls Home are there for two to four years and attend public secondary school. When they complete their education some of them are able to further their training by attending Bible College or other training. Many have gone into nursing and others have become teachers. Most of the girls come from the hill tribes in northern Thailand and when they return to their villages not many employment opportunities exist. In the past some of the girls have been able to open up small shops to sell various items.

We would love to be able to provide a sewing machine to any of the girls who would like to be able to earn a living through sewing or tailoring. We can purchase a new sewing machine for $250. The girls also need fabric, thread and other supplies. Any gift for the sewing project will be greatly appreciated.

Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc March 2017 Newsletter

Volume 32 Issue 3

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