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Ku-soom-ni-pa Is Our Orphan Of The Month

Ku-soom-ni-pa of the Samoeng Girls Home in Thailand is our orphan of the month.

She is currently 18 years old. Ku-soom-ni-pa has dreams of becoming a teacher and wants to pass on the love she has recieved at Samoeng Girls Home to the next generation of young people in Thailand. Her favorite games include hula-hoop and playing volleyball.

Thanks to the ongoing work at Samoeng Girls Home, Ku-soom-ni-pa has been able to grow and thrive in a safe environment. This work continues only because of faithful donors who continue to invest in the health and spiritual lives of these young women.

Will you or someone you know help ensure that the rest of Ku-soom-ni-pa's time at Samoeng Girls Home is a success? Our Thailand orphan sponsorship program includes a $47/month commitment to help provide an orphan:

  • A safe environment to live & grow

  • Adequate food & garden sustainment

  • Access to healthy clean water

  • Medical support & supplies

  • Biblical teaching & spiritual guidance

  • Critical life skills & training

  • Safe & quality education

  • Access to school books & supplies

  • The required local school uniform

To learn more about the programs available please visit our Orphan Sponsorship website:

or email the Sponsorship Coordinator at:

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