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Letters From Congo For Christ Center Orphans Are On Their Way To Sponsors


If you sponsor an orphan at Congo For Christ Center Orphanage keep an eye on your mailbox this month! The orphans have sent another round of letters to their sponsors and we are excited to be able to pass them on during this Christmas season.

The orphans at Congo For Christ Center Orphanage are very blessed to have the support of sponsors like you.

Your monthly sponsorship helps provide:

  • A safe environment to live & grow

  • Adequate food & garden sustainment

  • Access to healthy clean water

  • Medical support & supplies

  • Biblical teaching & spiritual guidance

  • Critical life skills & training

If you have decided to upgrade your sponsorship to include additional education support your monthly gift also ensures that your sponsored orphan will:

  • Receive safe & quality education

  • Have access to school books & supplies

  • Wear the required local school uniform

Knowing that someone cares enough to help feed and clothe them and to invest in their future is a powerful message of hope and of God's love. You are making a huge impact in their lives and they love you!

Thank you for everything you do for these orphans,

Ashleigh Fields

Sponsorship Coordinator

More information about the Global Outreach Inc orphan sponsorship program can be found here or in the video below.

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