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Orphans Leading Others To Christ

The care, feeding, and safety of the orphans we serve around the world is very important to us. Along with those physical priorites we also strive to make their spiritual growth a top priority through training and Godly mentoring. We are always happy to share how the love of Christ is transforming the orphans we serve and how that love is being used to make an impact for Christ in their communities.

This month we wanted to share some details about the orphans at Congo For Christ Orphanage showing Christ’s love to others.

Earlier this month we shared about orphans visiting the sick and imprisoned in order to share the love of Christ ( ). We also shared about the orphan choir being invited to another local church ( ). We also learned about an opportunity for Hariza, one of the orphans at Congo For Christ Orphanage, to preach during the church service. Pastor Jeremiah shared:

...surely we saw the hand of God on that day. The preacher of the day was (CCC orphan) Hariza Kidoge. He preached to the congregation and at least 29 people came forward and confessed their sins. It was unbelievable to see the great things that God did on that day. People were touched by the message and the songs from our choir. The children manifested the spirit of God and they did His work with full courage. We thank God for all that he is doing to us as a ministry and to our beloved Rugembe, Uvira, community and Congo at large

The children at Congo for Christ Orphanage were not raised in Christian homes. These are children who came to Congo for Christ from various and difficult and broken backgrounds. Through your support and the hard work of Pastor Jeremiah and the leaders in Congo, these children have been taught about the love of Christ. They have dedicated themselves to serving the Lord and sharing his love to others in their community. Pastor Jeremiah expresses his appreciation to Global Outreach Inc partners:

Anything you do for these precious children is surely appreciated and will change their lives.

To learn more about the ongoing work in the D.R. Congo please visit our Congo webpage:

To make a donation to help us continue to invest in these orphans and change their community please donate here:!donate/c1ghi

Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc October 2015 Newsletter

Volume 30 Issue 10

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