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The Mango Tree School Library Is One Step Closer To Completion

Praise God, we are one big step closer to having the new library for Mango Tree School. The cargo container which will be turned into a library reached the port in Tanzania several weeks ago. It has been a long process to clear the port regulations and get the container trucked to Congo.

The government of Congo DRC has not yet cleared the shipment. The container will be held at Grace Orphanage until permission is granted to open and distribute the abundance of blessings held inside. Thank you to all who have donated to this important project! Your ongoing support to make the library a reality is greatly appreciated.

Please pray that the permission is granted soon and that the rest of the container's trip is smooth until it reaches Congo For Christ orphanage.

To make a donation to help finish the Mango Tree School library project please visit our donation page:

Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc August 2015 Newsletter

Volume 30 Issue 8

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