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New Children At House of Refuge in Myanmar

Pastor Cyrus, who along with his wife, Rebecka, operate House of Refuge in Myanmar, has sent us this picture and information about the newest children to arrive at the home during the month of May.

Laymay (left) is 13 years old. Her father died when she was 5 months old. Her mother is no longer able to support her. She will be studying in 8th grade this year.

Unis (middle) is 15 years old. Her mother died last year. Her father is an alcoholic and drug addict who beats his children. Unis came to House of Refuge to escape her father’s abuse. She is talented and desires to become a Christian singer. She will be in 9th grade this year.

Htian (right) is 11 years old. His father served as pastor of a church in Chin state for fourteen years. His father passed away last year from throat cancer. He will be in 6th grade this year.

Please pray for these children and the other thirteen children living and studying at House of Refuge.

To make a donation and help support the orphans at House of Refuge please visit our page:

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Volume 30 Issue 6

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